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David Croom

Phoenix AZ
I was struggling with the market until William and Sean showed me things that I needed in my bag. It's made a complete difference. I'm very grateful!

Become a focused and consistent trader.

Our strategies win. We can teach you how to trade them with real time alerts, live chat, and training.


Real-time alerts on day trades, swing plays, and earnings trades. Basic and advanced options strategies. Plus live voice chat during market hours with real-time market plays.


Our market analysis of SPY/SPX and related commodities and equities will help you plan your trades and learn how to dissect changes and moves in the market.


Live Q&A during the day, plus interactive web-ex training afterhours to help you become a consistent and profitable trader. All training is recorded and uploaded to our library!

Learn to trade options like a pro

There's a lot of content for you to take in during your first seven days of your trial. We're sure once you see what we do and how we trade, you'll want to join us!

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"Did over 170 percent on that SPY Call... 👍💪💪 ....first options trade ever! 😁"

Our Core Strategies

YTD win percentages

Swing Trades
Wins 67%
Day Trades
Wins 71%

SPX 0dte
Wins 84%

We Alert Trades in Real Time

Expect 3-4 alerts from each strategy per week. Entries and exits alerted, along with the thought behind them. We aim for you to become a self-sufficient consistently profitable trader, and the alerts are design to teach you how to trade... not depend on us.

We Teach You How To Trade

Our strategies aren't new, but what we have done better than anyone is figure out what works on SPY and some derivative stocks to find opportunities in the market. We teach you these strategies with video training and write-ups on what strategies work!



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I signed up for a trial of your service last week. From what I observed on your Discord channel, you have a solid program. Much more than the “gurus” I had the misfortune of signing on with since I started in February


I need to know what you know lol. I made $800 because of you today thanks


Midland City AL
William is an awesome trader. Learned a lot from him and looking forward to learning more in his discord group

Dave B

Wentzville MO


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