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David Croom Phoenix AZ

I was struggling with the market until William and Sean showed me things that I needed in my bag. It's made a complete difference. I'm very grateful!

Become a focused and consistent trader. No scanners, no watchlists, no bull. We focus on SPY & SPX trades, the most liquid options in the market. Our strategies win. We can teach you how to trade them with real time alerts, live chat, and training.


Real-time alerts on day trades, swing plays, and earnings trades. Basic and advanced options strategies. Plus live voice chat during market hours with real-time market plays.

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Our market analysis of SPY/SPX and related commodities and equities will help you plan your trades and learn how to dissect changes and moves in the market.

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Live Q&A during the day, plus interactive web-ex training afterhours to help you become a consistent and profitable trader. All training is recorded and uploaded to our library!

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We Teach You How To Trade S&P 500 Index And ETF Options Using SPX And SPY


These alerts are great if you can watch the market with us during the day and want to see our entries and exits. These are trades with a high probability of success. The goal is not to have people rely on alerts solely, you need to learn to trade on your own. Following our alerts along with analysis will help you become an independent and consistent trader.

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These alerts are great for people who can't watch the market all day long and want a safe strategy for taking advantage of options. We use the greeks to determine market movement for the day and alert the best trade that will expire worthless (full profit) on expiration day. We look for high probability trades.

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Our strategy takes advantage of options volatility around earnings events. These are riskier trades but we alert trades based on prior earnings and what the options tell us is the highest probability of success. Volatility is high before earnings and shrinks afterwards, so we sell options not buy them so you take advantage of the volatility crush after.

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The market is not always friendly to swings so we have different strategies for both buying and selling options into short term swings to take advantage of movement in a certain direction. SPX and SPY are so liquid that we can sell premium into future out of the money positions, reducing our risk and increasing our probability of success.

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As mentioned we hope you learn from our alerts so that you can become an independent trader. So education is a key focus in our group. We hold weekly live trainings which are recorded so you can go back and study the material that was covered. And we take live Q&A all day. Plus, the SPY Analysis is designed to educate you on market moves.

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Live voice chat plus two other text chat channels run all day long. Plenty of space to ask questions live and on the go. We are a learning group and help is available live during the trading day and after hours via voice or text to help you succeed.

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Most traders are all over the place, creating different watchlists everyday... trading different stocks with different strategies... making lots of money then losing even more. We find the #1 reason traders aren't consistent is they are not focused enough. The most successful traders we find are those who trade the same stock over and over again. They get to know it like you get to know a car or a person. It seems boring to some, but the focus brings consistency. With consistency comes profitability. We teach you to focus on the market's most liquid trading assets, SPX and SPY options.


When traders begin to become consistent they find themselves trading the same strategies over and over again. Searching the internet can make it seem like there are a hundred thousand different trading strategies, but in reality we have found there are a few that have a high probability of success. We teach you to become an expert at the most successful strategies.


Learning and understanding how leverage options strategies can be the most powerful thing you learn in your trading and investing career, but it can also be one of the most daunting. That's why we have a chat that is focused on education for our members. The goal is not that people merely trade alerts and never understand how to trade themselves; the goal is to make you a focused and self-sufficient trader as quickly as possible. That's why we do weekly webinar trainings which are recorded, live chat and voice chat, as well as #BYOT where we help you analyze trading strategies that you bring to the admins.

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What are our members saying about us?

hammeredtoe Midland City, AL

I need to know what you know lol. I made $800 because of you today thanks

Dave B. Wentzville, Mo

William is an awesome trader. Learned a lot from him and looking forward to learning more in his discord group

Sara Tampa, FL

I always go back and analyze your alerts after I am out of the trade. So, every Alert I take from you becomes an education for me. @William Wallace

stormtrouper lancaster, PA

hey I just had a chance to watch the first video you posted to help understand what you see when trading spy. I just wanted to say it was very good information you did a great job explaining it and cant wait to catch up on the rest of your videos

Keafus New York, NY

@William Wallace the last few posts on GLD and SPY are the reason I follow you. Thank you


I really like this new group. Your analysis and detailed explanations are awesome. Thanks

Focus. Strategy. Consistency.

Don't fall for the noise out there. 7-day free trial to see if the way we trade is for you.

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