I Love Earnings Yes I Do

Trading recap week of October 21. Whew what a week, markets are finally moving again and lots of great earnings and huge plays. First off, day trades which were a little sparse because despite earnings SPY was remaining in consolidation until Friday. So we played plenty of swings and earnings to make up for it. Still really good win rate on day trades below:

We did one SPX expiration day play on Friday which was a winner

Now, earnings season has kicked off so there were a lot of earnings plays. A variety of iron condors and butterfly in this list depending on the stock and the setup, MCD totally missed and that was a big surprise. AMZN also missed but the iron condor ended up working perfect.

We also had several swing trades that were all winners, though DAL was a bit harder and I’m actually still holding that one since it’s a small play. SQ had a sympathy move off PYPL, CRM had some unusual options activity, and HD was just a trend line play. But TSLA was the big one on an earnings gap and go. This one should keep running into next week.

A great week of plays and I’m looking forward to the next one!

BYOT (Bring Your Own Trade) Discusses BA CSX MSFT ROKU SPY ES_FUT AMZN every week we do a #byot special (Bring Your Own Trade) where members bring trades and we discuss them.

This is a great way to learn! You need a trade plan with an entry and exit in mind for every trade. We’re going over each trade and slowing it down so you can learn what to look for when entering and exiting a trade


Earnings Starts and the Market Gets Interesting

Trading recap week of October 14. Had a pretty decent week with earnings just getting kicked off and a few good plays on SPY and NUGT. A lot of consolidation still so it was rare to catch a big move but we played some decent plays anyways. Several swings are starting to make a nice setup. Win rate back over 80 at 87.5% on day trades! Here’s the trades:

Only played one SPX expiration day play this week, but it was a complete winner as usual

And only one earnings play alerted which didn’t go 100% in our favor but I closed out and still made decent money. I did something a little different this week and called playable earnings setups for members to play since there are so many earings, and not all had high enough volatility or expensive enough options or enough options activity to make a play pre-earnings release. But we did play the drift on several like JNJ and made really good money. I did not alert these, so they are not listed below, but all the plays on the drift worked out if you could watch and take advantage of the setups. I love earnings!

All in all a great week and I’m excited about the earnings season kicking off!


Cruising the Market with Modest Action

Getting caught up on recaps again, this is week of October 7. The market was still settling down and we didn’t find a lot of good plays, but still had a few really good ones. 75% win rate on day trades puts us back into action with where we had been. Still lots of fake-outs, like the CRM play that just never materialized. None the less, great week.

No earnings plays or SPX plays, and two swing trades. Hit it high with T and lost a little on SPY, but overall pretty good with swings still.

Looking forward to markets getting back to normal, this is definitely consolidation.

SPY Options Traders Market Recap | Oct 7 2019

Market going to new highs? I’ll show you what’s going on and how to read it.

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This market is sorta nuts right now with SPY and /ES SPX bouncing out of a bear trap below a key trend line.

Does this mean we’re going back to new ATH’s? I don’t think so. In fact, after the bear trap was released I see this as a bull trap being laid. Lots of signals are telling us this is a short term technical bounce.

Don’t take my word for it, look at the mechanics and if you disagree please comment!


Tough Market and Still Winning

Getting caught up on weekly recaps, This is from week of Sept 30th. We had a very hard week day trading because the market was so choppy and contrarian. We saw lots of fake-outs and patterns that normally work did not. Lots of news as well and the market was on edge about anything and everything. Our win percentage shows it, and while we took advantage of some great plays we also got stopped out a lot. These are the weeks when you find out if you have what it takes to be a trader, and if you truly understand trading discipline. It is the market’s job to take your money. It is your job to keep more than it takes. Managing risk, when you decide to take trading and investing in your own hands, is the part you are taking control over. That’s why most people give their money to others to manage. Managing risk takes discipline. I personally sized very small on day trades and won very large on swing trades to make up for it. Let’s look at the day trades:

Now the #spx-mwf-day-trade paid off as they typically do. We went two for two with a decent ROC for the week:

No earnings that week, but we did manage to close out some very nice swing trades on SBUX and DIS

Congratulations to those who managed their money well. If you stayed on the sidelines, that was probably a smart move. Once you get a feel for the market and you know something isn’t right or just not your cup of tea, be okay sitting on the sidelines until things get back into rhythm. This was a great week for that, and we still managed to have some nice winners so all in all not bad but definitely looking forward to when the market gets back to normal.

How To Create Conditional Orders with a Sell and Stop Loss in ThinkorSwim Mobile


I apologize it appears the sound in this video is not that great, but this is a huge advantage to using TD Ameritrade’s ThinkorSwim platform vs other tools and especially over Robinhood. ThinkorSwim can allow you to have a sell for profit and a stop loss order automatically execute when your buy to open order gets filled. This is a huge advantage, especially if you are unable to watch your phone all day. Or if you just don’t want to get off guard on a big move. You should always have a stop loss anyways, and this just allows you to minimize losses and maximize returns