So yesterday price could not hit 507 until very end of day, but it also never hit 504.50. I’d say the scenarios from yesterday are still rather in play as price is just building value in this higher area and we still have a bull flag in tact. What we need to look out for is if price does hit below 504.50 for 503.30 and then a bounce back to 506. If price never gets to 504.50, that’s bullish and look for the attempt over 506 to 507, 508.11.

1) This is going one of two ways: Either early attempt at 506, then pushes price down to 503.30 bottom of the channel, or
2) Price early heads towards 504.50, then 503.30, then look for bounce there back to 506
3) If price breaks 506 early, target 507, 508.11, target 509.59 eventually maybe not today.
4) If price can not hold 503.30 there will be sellers aiming for 501

William Wallace