So analysis today is basically the same as yesterday except today we have a V-bounce from inside that gap area mentioned yesterday, in which case I would say today is more bullish. Sellers were unable to bring price below the gap area and overnight completely rejected yesterday’s sell off. We should be looking for price to take out the overnight high 521.36 and target essentially the same targets as yesterday since we are opening in that same range. 5 day value area POC is at 520.60, top of the value area is 522.91 so those key levels could come into play in some way, bottom of the value area is 519.

1) Above 520.60 target 521.36, then 522, 523, monitor continuation towards ATH 524.11
2) Below 520.60 target 520, 519.35, 519, if price moves below yesterday’s low it’s a buyer shutoff.
3) Consolidation very likely at least at the beginning of the day, 520.20ish to 521.36. Look for break of either into scenarios 1 or 2

William Wallace