As an options trader, keeping an eye on earnings is crucial, especially if you’re trading SPY. Thinkorswim is a trading platform that has a feature to give you alerts on earnings. However, it can be challenging to filter out what’s important and what’s not. In this blog post, we’ll go through a quick guide on how to filter and monitor earnings with Thinkorswim.

First, open Thinkorswim and go to Market Watch, then click on the Calendar tab. You’ll see a list of different events, but we want to filter down to just the earnings. To do this, unclick “show all” and click on “earnings highlight.” You’ll see a list of all the earnings for the day.

However, this list may still be overwhelming, so we need to filter it down even further. Click on the gear icon next to the symbol input. Under the “Public” category, you’ll find a list of watchlists published by Thinkorswim. Click on the S&P 500 to filter the stocks on your calendar to just those showing earnings for the S&P 500, which includes SPY.

To narrow it down even further, you can create your own watchlist of the companies that you care about. However, using the S&P 100 is a great start as it only includes the biggest stocks.

Once you’ve filtered down to the stocks you care about, you can create an alert to notify you when an earnings event occurs. To create an alert, right-click on the earnings event and select “create alert.” You can then choose to be notified at the time of the event or 15 minutes before, among other options. You can also choose to notify only of this earnings event or any such event. Notifications can be received through email, pop-up notifications, or Discord server.

When the earnings event occurs, you’ll receive a notification that includes the basic details such as the estimate and actual. You’ll also be able to see the press release, the details of the earnings, and even listen to the press conference.

In summary, Thinkorswim provides a great way to filter and monitor earnings. By using the S&P 500 and S&P 100 watchlists, you can easily filter down to the stocks you care about. You can then create alerts to notify you when an earnings event occurs, making it easier for you to make informed trading decisions.

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