Scoobie Signal

In memory of Joe Grates aka Scoobie we dedicate this indicator which he developed the trading strategy for. This indicator is a combination of three indicators that when they line up correctly can indicate the bottom or top of a short-term trend. The application is for day trading, on a one minute chart to catch short term trends typically for scalping purposes. The indicator works best with the trend but can indicate reversals, especially when combined with Scoobie’s daily reversal times. The indicator will paint a red down arrow at the top of a candle indicating a sell signal, and blue up arrow at the bottom of a candle indicating a buy signal.

We now have a version for Tradingview as well! This version expands on the ThinkorSwim version by adding the golden/dead cross strategy that we employ successfully with SPY in particular. Your purchase will include both versions!

$99 Lifetime License

Includes Scoobie Signal Training course, Tradingview indicator, Thinkscript indicator, and access to Discord with the scoobie-signal level.