Getting behind on last week so catching up. Last week was choppy at the beginning so we had to capitalize on small moves. A couple plays didn’t work out but we did really well overall considering the low volatility.
We did get to play a M-W-F play all three expiration days last week, Friday’s was a little trickier with volatility at the end of the day. I put the closing price down but I closed the call side about ten minutes before close pretty cheap. Monday and Wednesday were fairly easy though.
Only one earnings play last week, HD, and they had a bad surprise and lowered forward guidance to boot so it went way outside the expected move. Was better to swing puts on the drift. Play the drift! Though I wrote it a loser, this one was easy to roll further out to collect more credit if you had the capital, or turn inverted.
Holding a DIS call butterfly from Friday that I’ll post the results for this Friday. Looking forward to a short week of gobble gobble trading!

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